John Jaworski

Well it’s that time again, MACWORLD is here for your pleasure. WooHoo! I have been a participant of these shows for about the last 4 years, and with every passing year I am further amazed at how many variations of the iPod accessories are out on the market. I have always understood that without the iPod, Apple would be in the same financial jeopardy as other companies…uh can we say the auto industry. Anyway, I am anticipating, in yet another iPod fest, with little substance.

With this being the final show Apple will participate in, and Steven Jobs staying at home on this one, the possibility of this being anything more than a snooze fest, is highly improbable. I will give a more detailed analysis after I attend this year’s show; and hopefully I will find something more appealing than Tye-Dye iPod cases. We’ll see.