Mike Adams

The ever infamous Apple Keynote speech has come and gone. No Mac Mini (as many speculated), no iPhone nano (as many also speculated), and very sadly, no Steve Jobs. Love him or hate him, when you think of an Apple Keynote speech, you can’t help but think of that black turtleneck and the man who wore them. And for the last Apple Keynote speech, I would have to say, it was relatively lackluster. Perhaps this is why Steve decided not to deliver the speech himself…hmmmm…

This year we get a new iLife, iWork, Mac in a Box (sorry, it is actually “Mac Box Set”, but I like Mac in a Box better…although several people I know refer to the Mac Mini as that too…), changes to the iTunes store (more on this later), and the 17” MacBook Pro that should have been unveiled last year. While there are some cool features I look forward to playing with in iLife ’09, and DRM free iTunes, the biggest thing to come out of the Keynote was the fact that 17” MacBook pro sports an internal battery with a charge that lasts up to 8 hours…and can be charged up to 1,000 times. Unfortunately though, the battery is no longer removable, and is completely internal now. But 8 hours of battery life! That’s pretty cool in my opinion. Other than those couple of things, in my opinion, the rest of the Keynote was pretty lame. Where was the one more thing? Where was the surprise? For this being Apple’s last Macworld, many of us expected something big, but Apple failed to deliver.

Highlights of the Keynote:

  • iLife ’09:
    • Garageband now has the feature of Learn to Play where artists teach you the basics of how to actually play instruments. Comes with 9 basic lessons with more available for $4.99 each.
    • iMovie now includes more visual effects, automatic image stabilization (perfect for me), and advanced drag and drop (allowing for much more control over your editing).
  • iWork ‘09
  • iTunes Revision:
    • DRM FREE!!!
    • 3 tiered pricing: (all based on what the record labels charge Apple for rights to distribute)
      • $0.69
      • $0.99
      • $1.29
    • iTunes Wi-Fi Music store now available on the 3G network.
    • Did I mention…DRM FREE!!!
  • Mac Box Set (Mac in a Box):
    • Includes Mac OS X, iWork ’09, and iLife ’09 all in one convenient package.
  • The 17” MacBook Pro:
    • Processor speed of up to 2.93 GHz
    • 4GB of DDR3 RAM standard, upgradeable up to 8GB of RAM
    • Optional 256GB SSD
    • Up to 8 hour battery life! And up to 1,000 charges!
    • Optional anti-glare option available for 50 extra bucks