Yan Lin


It’s been nearly four years since Logitech introduced their G-series line of mice and keyboards. The first products in the line included the G3, G5, and wireless G7. The initial G5 mouse toted a laser sensor, high DPI and polling rate, polyurethane feet, and adjustable weight system. A noticeable change from their MX gaming series mice was the usage of a matte finish on the body of the mouse versus the previously favored glossy finish.

One of the nice things about the Logitech G series of mice is their size. Their large but not excessive form factor allows for comfort for prolonged use, yet still allows it to be tucked away in a bag for portability. The adjustable weight system includes a quick release button to eject the weight cartridge (see Figure 1A & 1B). This is particularly useful for gamers who prefer a heavier mouse and an increased amount of friction against the surface of their choice to provide for more accuracy.

Figure 1A

Figure 1A

Figure 1B

Figure 1B

A large complaint from fans about the initial G5 release was the lack of a Mouse 5 button on the mouse, something that has always been a standard with the Logitech gaming mice. Logitech has heard the voice of the masses and has remedied that in the updated version of this mouse. Another welcome change they have added is a 1000hz polling rate. What this essentially means is the mouse is capable of up to 1000 reports from the input device per second.

For the best results when using the G5, Logitech recommends installing their Setpoint unified driver suite software to customize and contour the mouse’s settings to your liking. While most driver software nowadays seems like useless bloat ware, Setpoint really maximizes the functionality of your G5. With capability of remapping mouse buttons to macros and key combinations, as well as sensitivity and acceleration settings, you really have full control over your mouse. Of the buttons included on the G5 mouse, there are two buttons (+ and -) which allow you to change the DPI on the fly. This is a big plus for users who do not want to constantly go into the system settings to switch sensitivity. In comparison to optical tracking mice, the laser mouse tracks more accurately and on more surfaces.

For full customizability, the G5’s weight system is a fan favorite that has carried over into the updated model. However, the mouse itself is already heavier than most mice by average, so new users of Logitech’s mouse line may be disoriented by the greater weight of the G5. The weight system allows users to insert up to 8 weights of either 1.7 or 3.4 grams in any order on the weight tray. This increases the coefficient of friction against the surface which allows for the user to have more control over the mouse.

When it comes to usage, the G5 is extremely comfortable when it comes to everyday use. The button placement is placed so users of different hand sizes will have no trouble adjusting to its spacing. The middle click button on the G5 features a “tilt-wheel” which can be assigned to commands of your choice using Setpoint, or by default allow the user to go left and right on oversized forms with multiple pages. While this middle mouse button offers more functionality for the user, unfortunately the design sometimes can be problematic, as a middle click may register a left or a right tilt. While this can occasionally be a pain during normal use, it’s definitely not a deal breaker.


  • Design of the mouse allows for comfortable use over prolonged period of time
  • Setpoint software allows for full customizability
  • Weight system lets users choose their weight preference
  • Teflon feet provide smooth movement across all surfaces


  • Only available in right-handed mould
  • Middle-clicking sometimes registers a wheel-tilt input