John Jaworski

Well it took me awhile, but I am finally able to comment on the Macworld show that I had attended back on the 7th of January. There really is not much to say. It was boring and uneventful. Oh there was some new product like the new Filemaker, iLife ’09, and iWork ’09, but it did not bring any real excitement to the event.

With the departure of Apple from the event in 2010, and the oracle himself, Steve Jobs, not there to give the customary keynote address to the throngs of Apple supporters who usually attend with fervent anticipation of all that is new and shiny and made by Apple. You can feel the deflated atmosphere as you walked the north and south halls of the Moscone center. It felt almost like a flea market, minus the big slide, corn dogs and, velvet pictures of dogs playing cards, basically the fun. Does this mean great changes for Apple, I don’t think so, but Apple has surprised me before, so I don’t like betting the numbers with this company. If anything is for sure, you will still see great product from Apple, keeping PC companies on their toes as Apple continues to rise in market as a viable option to the Vista bomb that has been thrown on to the market. Anyway enough of my rant, we’ll talk to you soon.