John Jaworski


I have been an avid iPod user for about 4 years, and for 4 years I have witnessed the untimely deaths of my Apple earbuds. These neatly packed, white headphones Apple supplies with every iPOD it sells are fine for use for the first week. Then you need to go out and replace them, because you played your Metallica louder than 1/3 the volume bar on the iPod. To replace the Apple headphones with the same thing you will need to drop $29 for a headphone that gives you now both volume control and a mic. These are both great features that are great to have, yet it is still the sound quality and durability that is lacking.

I have now switched my headphone usage for my iPod to the Skullcandy brand. The model line closest to the “Apple” earbuds in the Skullcandy line is the Smokin’ Buds, (yeah that’s right the name can have other meanings, but let’s work with the headphone concept). These lightweight headphones come in a multitude of color styles and include a in-line volume control and multiple headphone tips to fit different ear canal sizes, something the Apple earbuds do not have. The low cost is not lost with the quality of sound output. I have blasted these babies and have yet to blow them out, however my hearing is probably 30% less than what it was, but what the heck you only live once, HUH, WHAT DID YOU SAY!?!

The TechHub has the Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds for $17.99, which is lower than the Skullcandy website by $12. Skullcandy also offers a Limited lifetime warranty on all its headphones, which is something that Apple does not offer with the Earbuds.

So to end this rant, Apple still has the best Mp3 player on the market, the iPod, and Skullcandy makes the best affordable in-ear headphones to go with the iPod, the Smokin’ Buds. You can get both at the UCDavis Bookstore TechHub, and many more accessories for your iPod.

Update (as of 6/15/2010): Check out our “SkullCandy Week” where we review several popular models of SkullCandy headphones. Just click on the listings below to see the reviews.