Mike Adams

It’s an iPhone…without the phone! While some people may scoff at this notion, this setup is perfect for someone like me. What do I mean by this? I’ve heard quite a few people ask what the point of the iPod Touch is with the iPhone out on the market. Well…again, I suppose it is perfect for people like me; those who are unwilling to spend more than $40 a month for phone service, but still want an MP3 player with the functions of an iPhone (minus the camera).

I must say, right off the bat, if I were to rate this MP3 player, I would be giving it 5 out of 5 stars. I absolutely love my 16GB iPod Touch. Sure I have my issues with it, but for me the good greatly outweighs the bad. First off, the battery life is great on the thing. I go days between charges…unless I am watching video. Then I notice the battery draining much faster, but I am watching video, so what should I expect? Secondly, the touch screen technology is awesome! I love scrolling through cover flow looking at all the different artists I have on my pod. And with this touch screen technology, we get one of the coolest features on the iPod Touch…

…online capability! That’s right, online capability. Plus, unlike the iPhone, you don’t have to pay for this access like you do the 3G network, you just need to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot and the Internet is at your fingertips. (Truth be told, I do not own an iPhone, so I am not quite certain if the iPhone can also access the Internet using Wi-Fi, so if someone could let me know either way, that would be most excellent.) You can browse YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, and any site you want, all on this wonderful little device. PLUS, you get access to the Apps store and Mobile iTunes! You want to download Monopoly: Here and Now for your iPod but you aren’t at your computer? Worry not, because all you need do is access a Wi-Fi spot, click the Apps Store, and you can find, download, and install this app without access to your computer. Once you sync up, the app will be uploaded to your computer.

With the newest “generation” of iPod Touch, besides the slight cosmetic changes, the two biggest changes they made were adding an external speaker and external microphone support. The external speaker really isn’t that big of a deal to be honest. It sounds about as good as the speaker on my Palm Zire 31 I bought quite a few years back. Trying to blast Megadeth through both does not sound that good. But what has me excited is the second update I mentioned, the external microphone support. Conceivably, this could lead to VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) chat. Connect to the Internet using your Skype account, and you could be making phone calls using the iPod Touch and the Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic. I am still waiting for the App that will allow you to do this, but I am VERY excited about the fact that one day soon, I could turn my iPod Touch into an “iPhone”. I use the quotes because the only way to make the calls would be to be in a Wi-Fi area, making it not the most convenient phone call method, but very cool nonetheless.

While I am in love with my iPod Touch, I do have a couple of gripes about it. With the screen size being the size it is, when typing on the touch pad, it is inevitable that there will be misspelled words. But I must give Apple credit that there are not nearly as many as I thought there would be, mostly due to the letter you hit expanding to show you what character you typed. This feature is very, very helpful. Also, sometimes when I go to pause my music, or my podcast, I wind up hitting the back button next to the pause, so the item starts over. This is not bad I suppose, unless you are listening to podcasts that range from one to two hours…then it is a little frustrating. And again, the external speaker isn’t great. Otherwise, I have absolutely no complaints about this machine. If you were on the fence about this product, feel safe that you would be making an excellent choice if you decide to pick it up.


  • Touch screen technology.
  • The accelerometer allows you to flip video, thereby allowing you to watch movies in a widescreen format.
  • The App Store!
  • Actual sound quality through your headphones, after a little tweaking in the EQ, sounds fantastic.
  • VOIP possibilities!
  • Wi-Fi technology.
  • Large viewing screen for movies.
  • Great battery life.


  • Price, even though Apple has lowered the price, $299 for the 16GB model is still nothing to scoff at.
  • Because of touch screen technology, screen gets smeared quickly and easily. I recommend using a protective screen right out of the box.
  • External speaker kinda sucks…not gonna lie.
  • It seems like the screen sometimes registers something different then the button you pressed (i.e. pushing pause, but the file skips backwards.)
  • Hard drive size of all the models is kind of on the smallish size.