Mike Adams

This is the Sleek Retro Looking iHome IH14D

This is the Sleek Retro Looking iHome IH14D

Oh how I love the little iHome IH14D radio for my iPod Touch. I have been using this wonderful product for about a month now, and I wonder how I ever listened to my iPod before. The unit is beautiful, small, the sound is incredible and the price is just right. While this product is not perfect (I mean, what really is), I do know it is perfect for me.

All it takes is one look at the IH14D, and you’ll see why I started to fall in love with it. It is an incredibly attractive stereo. And look how small it is! It comes in at 8 x 5 x 4 inches and weighs only 8 pounds. I move the thing all over my apartment…and recently I believe it has finally found a home…on my kitchen counter. It is so small, it fits perfectly next to my Crockpot, and looks good doing so. It’s simply amazing that something this small and sleek looking (again, I am a sucker for the retro look) can have such an amazing sound.

Ah, the sound. This radio sports only one speaker, but sound output is so full and amazing that it just doesn’t seem possible. I have been looking at online reviews and one person has complained about garbled sound output at the lower levels, but I just cannot hear it. No matter what setting I have the volume at, I am blown away by the clarity. Even at the higher volumes the iHome IH14D comes through loud and clear, in comparison to other speakers that become distorted at the higher levels.

While some people have complained about the lack of remote and presets on this iHome, I love the simplicity. It fits perfectly with the retro theme and I feel it might be lessened with those features…but maybe I am just weird. But on to legitimate complaints (of which there are few). The AM/FM antenna sucks, to put it bluntly. It is nothing but a standard short stereo antenna wire (not antenna, but antenna wire). Picking up radio stations is somewhat problematic at times with it, because it just does not seem to have the oomph that a regular antenna would solve. I guess that really, is my only complaint with it. The price is great, the retro look is great, the sound is fantastic and the size is awesome. While I believe that iHome has now, unfortunately, discontinued it (which I guess could be another complaint I would have), you can find plenty of them online at really decent prices. I wholeheartedly recommend the iHome IH14D AM/FM Table Radio for iPod, I know I love mine.


  • Great retro look.
  • Small size and light weight make it perfect for putting almost anywhere in your house/apartment.
  • Fantastic sound for only having one speaker and its small size.
  • Great price (especially since iHome appears to have discontinued it…)


  • Weak antenna. Why not use a real one? I hate the wires…
  • iHome has discontinued them…