Mike Adams

Win this free! From the UC Davis Bookstore TechHub and TechTalk Podcast!

Win this free! From the UC Davis Bookstore TechHub and TechTalk Podcast!

Is your laptop homeless? Do you just throw it all willy-nilly in your backpack without a care in the world? Well, why don’t you treat it to a new laptop bag, on the UC Davis TechHub’s dime? In conjunction with the UC Davis Bookstore TechTalk podcast, the UC Davis Bookstore TechHub is giving away a MobileEdge Edge Messenger Bag (which retails for $59)…for free. “For free”, you may ask? Well…yes, for free. But what do you have to do to get this bag? All you have to do is “Spot Jimmie Johnson” (who, in no way, endorses this idea, but we had an action figure of his around, and we needed you to spot something…)

So how do you enter? Just watch the UC Davis Bookstore TechTalk Webisode 3 Part 1 & Part 2. Look carefully and you’ll “Spot Jimmie Johnson” (I use the quotes, because it is really his action figure hidden amongst the product…again, just look carefully, you will see him).

Once you spot him, here is what you have to do:

  1. Send an email to with the subject heading, “I Spotted Jimmie Johnson”. But what do you include in this email?
    • Your name
    • Best method of contacting you
    • Exactly where you spotted Jimmie Johnson (i.e. what part was he in, where he was located)
    • Jimmie Johnson’s racing number (if you don’t know his number, a really quick Google search will get it for ya)
  2. You must also be eligible to enter this contest. Who is not eligible?
    • UC Davis Bookstore TechHub employees
    • People from outside of the Davis, CA area (well, unless you are willing to drive to the UC Davis TechHub to pick it up, as the UC Davis Bookstore will not be shipping this item out. You will be required to pick it up from the store.)

    Once we receive your entry, your name will be placed in a hopper, along with the other entries, and the winner will be selected at random. Upon winning, you will be notified and you will then need to come pick the bag up (and, perhaps, stick around for a picture or two). The contest ends March 31, 2009. So hurry up before time runs out!