Kyle Holmes

The TechHub's MacBook Pro Bundle!

The TechHub's MacBook Pro Bundle!

Congratulations, you’ve decided you want to invest in a Macbook Pro!

More likely than not, your first inclination will be to head right for the Apple Store and pick one up… that is of course until you remember that the UC Davis TechHUB offers sweet deals, especially with their monthly “Cheaper Alternative.” “But Kyle,” you might say. “Aren’t your prices the same as those offered at the Apple Store?” To which I would answer, “Our prices are often times comparable to the Apple Store, however we can often times offer special deals that the Apple gurus cannot. This is one of those instances”.

So what’s the breakdown?

You’re looking for a computer that is graphics intensive that can do all the media editing, play all the latest and the greatest games, and still handle the bare collegiate necessities you need for checking your email and writing your papers. Looking sleek wouldn’t hurt either. So you fix your eye on the new Macbook Pro – until of course you notice the $2,000 price tag attached, and that’s just on the entry level machine. Taking into consideration that you’d also like to take care of your computer for awhile, and therefore should probably get a warranty and possibly a protective case… with tax you’re looking much closer to $2,500 range than you are at $2,000.

Lucky for you, the TechHUB currently sells the entry level MacBook Pro for the academic price of $1,899. To make your decision even easier, they’ve even taken the warranty from $239 down to $58 when purchased with the entry level MacBook Pro.

Pricing Tier: 2.4GHz
MacBook Pro:
Warranty: Total: Your Savings:
Retail: $1,999 $349 $2,348 Save $0
Educational: $1,899 $239 $2,138 Save $210 (vs. Retail)
TechHub Bundle: $1,899 $58 $1,957 Save $391 (vs. Retail)
Save $181 (vs. Educational)

Now that’s a Cheaper Alternative

[Note: Whether student/staff/faculty, enrolled in UC Davis or not, you MUST be affiliated with the academic field to qualify for this purchase. This offer is limited to stock on hand. Once sold out, it is sold out!]