Kyle Holmes

The Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse

The Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse

Let’s get right to it – You’re looking for a cheap and reliable mouse that you can use with your desktop, or carry around with your laptop. You don’t want to have to deal with batteries or wireless USB receivers or any of that Bluetooth mumbo-jumbo – you just want something that will plug in and work. Well ladies and gentlemen; the Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse is the answer for you.

This sleek jet-black mouse comes complete with left and right click buttons, a scroll wheel, a six foot USB cable and smooth flowing optical technology all for your convenience. No drivers are required on Macs or Windows, and it really is as easy as simply plugging it in. This Logitech is exactly what you’re looking for in a durable and reliable yet cost efficient mouse.

This mouse normally retails at $9.99 directly from Logitech, but this mouse could be yours for $7.99 through the UC Davis Bookstore TechHub. Compare this to the Microsoft Basic Optical Mouse which retails for $14.99. Another fantastic deal brought to you by Kyle’s Cheaper Alternative.

Hurry in to the TechHub now and pick up yours while supplies last!

Product Features:

  • 3 buttons
  • 400 dpi Resolution
  • 6 Foot (180cm) Mouse Cable