Mike Adams

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Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference 2009 has come and gone and like many of you, I had to watch it at home. So let’s just jump right in to my thoughts about some of the announcements that were made at the WWDC.

  1. The white MacBook stands alone. No more will the “aluminum unibody MacBook” be considered that. Apple has folded it into its MacBook Pro line…leaving the white MacBook as the sole Apple computer bearing that title. Is this a good move? I don’t know. The special thing about a MacBook Pro has always been its independent video card, but now Apple has brought in these 13” models and introduced a new 15” model as well, none of which have the independent video card. They include the awesome NVIDIA 9400M, but this is an integrated chipset. On top of which there are now 6, that’s right, 6 models in the MacBook Pro line. I have a feeling that this might lead to some sort of consumer confusion. At least all the MacBook Pros now include the 7 hour batteries, built-in SD card slots and the 13” models have a FireWire 800 port again, so there were some very nice improvements…
  2. The next operating system, Mac OS X 10.6 (A.K.A. Snow Leopard), now has a release date and a price. Snow Leopard will be hitting store shelves in September 2009 (on month ahead of Windows 7) for the upgrade price of $29.
  3. Speaking of operating systems, the iPhone 3.0 has a release date of June 17th, 2009. Features of the new operating system include: copy & paste, spotlight, the ability to rent and purchase movies directly from your iPhone/iPod Touch, HTML 5 support, and Find My iPhone (which uses your MobileMe account to help locate your phone). A couple of cool apps they also mentioned were Iceburg (a Kindle type app) and TomTom. While all these features and apps are fantastic, this update really irks me. Why? Any iPhone owner gets this update for free while us iPod Touch owners have to pay $9.95 for this update. I suppose it makes sense that iPhone owners get it for free since they pay for a phone service, but that doesn’t mean I need to like it.
  4. Is that iPhone 3G starting to look a little long in the tooth? Well don’t fret, Apple also announced a new iPhone, the iPhone 3GS. What is so special about the iPhone 3GS? Up to twice the processing speed of the iPhone 3G, a 3 megapixel camera, 5 hours of talk time & 9 hours of WiFi use. Pricing also dropped and you can get a 16GB one for $199 or a 32GB one for $299. They will also be keeping the 8GB iPhone 3G around for the price of $99.

That’s about it…there’s some exciting new stuff coming soon from Apple. While I have my complaints about things, I am still excited about the new OS in September (only $29, how sweet is that?) I am still excited for the OS for my iPod Touch (even though I have to pay $9.95 for the thing). And, the new MacBook Pro line is pretty cool. I wish I had the money to upgrade…darn Apple…