John Jaworski

Okay I get it! Everyone wants to feel the need to be connected in this world of high tech gadgets and streaming information. The ability to network with anyone, anywhere and at anytime has people constantly keeping others informed of one’s own itinerary. It has become such a trend of today’s modern technology user that new companies are forming to ride this information wave. Social network sites like MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter have basically given millions of people worldwide the ability to blog, post, and tweet their daily adventures.

At times it is cool to hear from people you haven’t seen in awhile, or be invited to an “event” via your social network friends. But, we are carrying this “networking” to extremes. We have become so entwined with the networking; we truly have forgotten how to socialize. How many times have you gone out with friends and sometime during that excursion, your friends start texting, or phoning someone else not with you. What the hell are they saying? Is it about you? Are they bored with your company? Are they that important they need to be connected all the time?!? I believe the only person who needs to be connected that much is the President of the United States and that is because he controls our nations’ nuclear arsenal.

Alright let me clarify, I do have a Facebook account, and from time to time I will peruse or add content, mainly videos to that site. But, I do not feel the need to add my thoughts for the day every minute. “Just blew chunks from last nights’ burritos and mojitos”, thanks for the update!

Yes this might seem like a hypocritical rant for someone who owns a Facebook account, but I do not use it with the fervor the majority of users do. I have other things to do, and accomplish, and I prefer to talk to those in front of me than those on a phone or a computer. I guess I am just getting too old to appreciate this facet of technology, but then again I wasn’t much for using a phone when I was in high school either. I guess you can go on with what you are doing, but remember if I happen to be your “DD” for bar hopping night and you break out the phone and start texting, you will find walking hard when you are hammered.