Mike Adams

It’s that time again. The annual flood of Freshman and Senior alike to the Bookstore looking for books, supplies and whatever else they might need to survive the year. During this, lots of folks find their way over to the TechHub looking for items they originally did not think of, but are almost as necessary as the books they are buying. So this is a very small list of the most essential of items that one needs when they come to the TechHub. (Assuming that they already have their computer, which of course, should meet the campus recommended system specs…)

  • Ethernet Cable You want the Internet in your dorm room, you need an Ethernet cable. Most people go with either a 14’ one or 25’ one, depending on how much walking around the room you plan do with your computer.
  • Computer Locks Don’t be the one who comes into the TechHub needing to buy a new machine because yours was stolen while you were out of your dorm room. I hate hearing about that because I know how I would feel if that happened to me. You might be thinking to yourself that you would never leave your computer out in the open, but that doesn’t mean a roommate might accidentally leave the dorm room open. So please, buy yourself a computer lock and save yourself the worry.
  • Student Licenses These are the perfect software solution for most college students…especially those that live on campus. People living in the dorms typically only have one computer in order to save on space. If this is you, and you need Microsoft Office, or an Adobe product, pick up a student license of one of these products. You get what would be the full retail product, but you can only install it on one machine…and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Flash Drives You aren’t always going to want to carry your laptop with you to every class, so what do you do? Throw a flash drive on your keychain. The price of flash drives has plummeted over the last 6 months, so this is really a fantastic alternative to carrying around that computer. Just head to a lab, do what you need, put it on the flash drive and head home. It is as simple as that.
  • And that, as they say, is that. The TechHub carries much more, but again, this was just a tiny list of the most essential items you may need to make your stay at Davis as easy as possible. Well…from a computing standpoint anyway.