Kyle Holmes

The SkullCandy Pipe

The SkullCandy Pipe

One of the more popular items for students on college campuses is a good set of speakers for their iPod or iPhone. Products like the iHome or a set of Logitech speakers can run anywhere from $75-$200 depending on the style and the features and can take up a good amount of space on your desk or night stand. The Skullcandy Pipe is an alternative in both price and space, running customers $59.99 and taking up no more space than a flashlight.

The Skullcandy Pipe has both an iPod dock, as well as a line-in you can use to plug in other MP3 players or your computer and even comes with a fully functional remote. The dock runs on a 110v power supply, or you can use four AAA batteries and bring it with you on the go. It’s sleek design allows for easy storage and transportation and takes up little space when you need to listen to your music. The 50mm audio drivers deliver a load and clear sound that surprises most because of the devices small stature.

If you’re looking to get a sweet, portable sound system for your iPod at a low price, the Skullcandy Pipe is definitely the way to go. If you still need a cheaper alternative, you can always check out one of these bad boys.