John Jaworski


Could this be the new thing from Apple Inc.?


Many speculators have been pointing to a new touch driven laptop from Apple to be the latest thing to come out of the Cupertino, California campus. But is it true? Like most rumors about Apple product announcements, this one again is being confirmed by an insider who wishes to stay anonymous.

The new Apple is to be the caveat of what computing will be in the future. Small, lightweight, and sophisticated enough to eliminate multiple electronic devices, the Apple tablet will have the best of all media worlds. Imagine an iPhone with ability to run office apps, while simultaneously playing your favorite musical artist, while browsing the web at 3G speeds, and all on a 10” screen. Speculations are out in force of what this new device will pack in its tiny frame, but it is creating a fever of anticipation for the “Tech Junkie”.

Although there is an excited anticipation for this new technology announcement, it might not make a splash in the retail market, if it is not priced well. With the financial climate still in a critical downturn, and many consumers staying lean with their product purchases, if Apple does not make this affordable for the market, this might be a train accident waiting to happen. Like most tablet computers of the past, many did not take off due to the inflated price tag that came with these items. Apple will need to tread this water carefully and will need to reign in prices if it sees that the market cannot afford the hype. Although, Apple has made price concessions in the past, they will need to make quicker decisions on this if they want to get the bigger market share.

 I anticipate that this “Mac Tablet” will be a strong contender on the market, but to make all 15 rounds, Apple will need to do more than just jab.