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Getting that video to your computer

Getting that video to your computer

The holidays came and went and Santa was very nice to you. He came down the chimney, ate your cookies, drank your milk and left behind a brand new 5th generation iPod Nano. As you head out to meet the family for breakfast, you figure it might be nice to capture those moments on your new toy. A week later, you open your email to find one from Aunt Suzie asking for a copy of the footage you took, only to realize you don’t know how to get all that video off your Nano. And of course, there are no instructions included on how to do so. That’s where we, the TechHub, come in.

We scoured the Apple support pages so that you don’t have to and found the answers that you need. Whether you own a PC or a Mac, it is relatively simple to drag that video off your iPod and onto your computer.

Starting point for PC/Mac users:

  • With your iPod Nano hooked up to your computer, open your iTunes (if it is not already open).
  • In iTunes, find your iPod and select it.
  • Once you have done that, click on the “Summary” tab (which is usually the default tab, but just double check to make sure it is selected).
  • At the bottom you will notice several options you can check using a checkbox. Make sure you have the “Enable disk use” box checked. If it is not, do so now and click Apply.

PC Users:

That’s all you have to do. You are now ready to transfer your video. Open up “My Computer” and you should see your iPod (just like it was an external drive). You will now be able to browse your iPod folders. All your recorded video will be found in the “DCIM” folder. Just grab the files inside and drag them to your computer. You are now good to go. To see the full Apple Support article on this subject, just head here for all the details.

Mac Users:

For Mac users, you now have the option of importing your video using iMovie or iPhoto. Which makes it a little easier I suppose, since you don’t have to have a third party app in order to edit your movies, because it is all right there in your OS. To see the full Apple Support article on this subject, just head here for all the details.

Importing to iPhoto:

  • Once iPhoto is open, click on your iPod in the iPhoto device list.
  • Choose the video you want to import. You can either click Import Selected or Import All.
  • After you are done importing, you will be allowed to Delete Photos on Your Camera which will delete the videos off your iPod. Or you can choose not to and keep those videos on your Nano.
  • Those videos will now be in your iPhoto Library in the “Events and Photos” section. To watch it, just double click the video.

Importing to iMovie ’09:

  • Version 8.0.5 or later needs to be installed. So just to make sure your iMovie ’09 is up to date, run the “Software Updater” tool from the Apple menu.
  • While your iPod Nano is plugged into your machine, launch iMovie ’09. The import window should automatically displaying the recorded media you have on the Nano.
    • If the Import window does not open, just go to “File” then “Import from Camera”. This should then launch the Import window discussed above.
  • You can now import all the video as though it were a digital camera/digital camcorder.

Importing to iMovie ’08:

  • Open iMovie ’08. From the “File” menu, go to “Import” and click on “Movies”
  • Choose your Nano from the Device list.*
    • * If your Nano does not appear, make sure you have done the steps for “Enable disk use” listed above.
  • Again, your video files will be located in the “DCIM” folder. Select the videos you want to import, highlight them, and click Import to import them into iMovie.