John Jaworski

Well the announcement has happened today. Apple has officially announced its new product, the Apple iPad. Other than a horribly named product, this new device is really an enlarged iPod Touch. Wow Apple, that was it, a decade of speculation, of feverous anticipation, you give us a “roid” induced iTouch.

Yes it has the ability to run over 140k of apps, and has the 3G connectivity. The 1.5lbs makes it remarkably light and with its ability to easily read e-books on its 9.7” screen (Kindle shudders), it will change the way we interface with the web. All this and more to start at the low price of $499.

I however, see limitations to what I was expecting. Yes with all the commotion I was hoping for more. No Flash compatibility, so no Hulu for me. I did not see Microsoft Office compatibility, so you are stuck using the iWork apps that have been designed specifically to interface with the Ipad( each app is a download for $9.99 ea). The keyboard interface has no haptic feedback. There is “NO” camera, why Apple why?

Why own this technology? I have no real answer. The diehard Apple user and the Technology junkie will find this the newest thing to have, but for the general consumer, only time will tell if this holds the interest of the masses. Again Apple I was not too excited with your announcement, but I will see if that changes when I actually see this item in person.