Mike Adams

Polaroid USB Digital Camcorder

Polaroid USB Digital Camcorder

You hear a lot of people say that “College will be the one of the best times of your life”, and it’s true. College is a time for learning, growing, finding out who you are, all while having a good time. And you want to remember those good times, but thanks to the beer pong last night you no longer can. That’s where Kyle’s Cheaper Alternative can help.

Introducing the Polaroid USB Digital Camcorder. Now you can keep your memories intact and even a record of where you parked your car the night before all the “fun” began. Because of the built-in USB stick, you can connect your camera directly to your computer (no worrying about finding that camera cord in your dorm room) and transfer them easily.

If this sounds like the more popular “Flip Cam”, that’s because it is essentially Polaroid’s version of the Flip Cam…at a significantly lower price point. While a Flip Cam Mino will cost you $134.95 or so, the Polaroid USB Digital Camcorder will only run you $45 at the UC Davis Bookstore TechHub. On top of that, you get a couple of rechargeable batteries and a battery charger for free! Just a warning though, you are going to want to pick up an extra SD card as the Polaroid only has 16MB of internal memory and an SD card slot for expansion. So save your money and swing by the TechHub to pick up this Cheaper Alternative.