Mike Adams

Mathcad 13 on Vista???

Mathcad 13 on Vista???

I will be honest, while we sold the student license version of Mathcad 13 at the TechHub, I really don’t think many of us…all right, more like any of us…really knew much about the product. We know it is used for mathematical analysis, but that is pretty much the extent of our knowledge. But one question kept popping up here that we figured we should probably look into because it was being asked a lot. “Will Mathcad 13 run on Vista?”

That question has been asked several times before someone would even purchase it. Others would come back complaining (with good reason) that it would not run on their machine because it is not compatible with Vista. So we looked into it and found out that yes, Mathcad 13 can indeed run on Vista. And the solution is pretty simple. You must have admin privileges to run it. Just right click on the program icon and choose the option of “Run as administrator”. Assuming you are the admin this should then open the program for you. That’s it.

As far as 64 bit Vista goes, it unfortunately seems as though we are at a loss. After scouring around for answers, none of us could find anything that supported the fact that Mathcad 13 will run on Vista x64. If you have any suggestions, we would love to know, so just post in the comments below.