John Jaworski

Skullcandy Titans

Skullcandy Titans

I have been a proponent of Skullcandy equipment for a few years now. I  believe for the price and the great warranty (limited lifetime) they offer the best product for a reasonable price.

Recently I was afforded the chance to listen to the Titan line of Skullcandy headphones. These in-the-ear headphones are a marked improvement over the Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds product line that I reviewed over a year ago. Although both headphones play audio very well, the Titan’s have a remarkably higher definition sound (and they say that on the packaging).

The audio output of the Titans produces a powerful bass, while not losing quality in the mid and high range output. Other features include a full metal housing, and a braided aluminum cable for durability. An 11mm driver and gold plated plug help produce the sound clarity that can help for those listening to very detailed sounds. To round off the features, there are 3 different size silicone ear gels, and a very nice zippered carrying case.

The Titans offer the best sound, durability, and warranty for the price. The TechHub currently retails the SkullCandy Titan earbuds for $39.99. Come on by and get your self a pair of these great headphones, or check out the rest of our Skullcandy selection.