SkullCandy Ink’d Earbuds

Mike Adams

SkullCandy Ink'd

SkullCandy Ink'd

The great SkullCandy vs Apple earbuds debate is one that will continue to rage on for a long time to come. If I were to throw my two cents out there, while Apple has a fine product, SkullCandy beats the Apple earbuds like a piñata. Sure, the included Apple headphones are indeed free, but there are several reasons you should spend a couple of extra bucks for the SkullCandy Ink’d ones.

The SkullCandy Ink’d are the most perfect throw in your bag, take on the go anywhere headphones I have ever seen. These things produce a much better sound quality than the included Apple earbuds with a slight bass boost not heard on the Apple headphones (based on the headphones that were included with the 3rd gen iPod Touch). And the fact that they fit inside your ear canal rather than over the ear canal means that the Ink’d block out quite a bit more ambient than the Apple ones. While it includes 3 separate pairs of silicon ear bud covers (small, medium and large), I really wish they included the foam tips that the Full Metal Jackets have because those can conform to your ear, almost always guaranteeing a snug fit every time.

Beyond that, the Ink’d come with a mic built right in (which based on our iPod Touch demo, the included headphones did not) that works really well. Trying out the voice recording app, the sound was pretty decent, but overall somewhat muted. But overall, it worked out pretty well.

When you purchase a set of SkullCandy headphones, you also receive a limited lifetime warranty that you would not receive on the Apple headphones. When those break, it is usually time to shell out another $29 for a pair. But with the SkullCandy, if they break, they are pretty good about getting you a replacement…just make sure you hold on to your receipt.

In the end, I would have to say those are really good reasons to pick up the SkullCandy Ink’d earbuds. Better sound, slight noise canceling (even if it is only because the buds go in ear eliminating some noise), a built in mic and limited lifetime warranty. All for only $13.99 at the TechHub (several dollars off the price you would find at retail stores). So come in and pick up a pair today!


  • Incredibly affordable at the TechHub!
  • Decent sound (especially for the price)
  • Goes inside the ear canal whereas the Apple buds rest on top of it
  • Built in mic
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • Sadly does not include the foam tips that the Full Metal Jacket headphones have
  • Slightly muted voice recording through mic