Mike Adams

SkullCandy 50/50 Earbuds

SkullCandy 50/50 Earbuds

The quality of the SkullCandy 50/50 earbuds can be summed up in three letters, w-o-w. These are an incredible set of earbuds especially considering the price (only $39.99 through the TechHub). Out of the headphones I have tested, Knights of Cydonia has never sounded as good as it did when I listened to it with these earbuds.

As is the case with most (if not all) SkullCandy earbuds, these are inner earbuds so they do cancel out a fair bit of the ambient noise around you as you listen to your tunes. But right off the bat, you will notice a deeper, richer sound quality than that of the SkullCandy Ink’d earbuds. This is due to the bass boost found in the 50/50s that is not found in the Ink’d.

Another very nice feature is the fact that the wires are wrapped in a braided nylon, not the usual rubber. This doesn’t enhance sound quality in any way, but it makes these puppies very durable. One of the most common problems we see at the TechHub is that the rubber on the headphones gives way, exposing frayed wires underneath. That should not be a problem with the 50/50 earbuds though.

The remote with track control is a feature you won’t find on the Ink’d. This feature is both a plus and a minus. I found the quality of the mic included to be of a better quality than the one on the Ink’d (sound isn’t as muted as the Ink’d) and the volume control works wonderfully. Track control will always be a strange beast to me (click the pause button twice to move track forward, thrice go back). But I did have an issue with the remote overall. Using the volume control, I found that my music kept pausing a lot because I didn’t push the remote far enough to the end of either side.

Overall, these are a great pair of headphones with few minor blemishes. You will not regret purchasing these at all, and because they are so durable they should last you for a long time to come. Grab these, pop on Ride the Lightning and prepare to be wowed.


  • Great sound, due mostly to the bass boost
  • Slight noise canceling due to being inner ear buds
  • Very durable, should not have the problem of exposed wires that can occur over time with the rubber coated earbuds
  • Has the Mic/volume control/track control built right in
  • Durable nylon carrying case


  • My only real complaint is with the remote. I kept pausing the music when trying to raise or lower volume because I did not get my fingers close enough to the edges to do so
  • Like the Ink’d, I wish these had the foam tips to better conform to my ears