Mike Adams

KB ClearSkin Keyboard Cover

KB ClearSkin Keyboard Cover

I used to think, “What on Earth is the point of a keyboard cover? All I have to do is not eat around my computer or spill anything on it, just be careful.” That was before I started working at the TechHub. With our service shop located in the TechHub, I have seen all kinds of accidents that have occurred to the keyboards of machines that have been brought in for service. I swear that I have even seen a couple of cats pulled out of the keyboards of some machines, and these machines looked pristine otherwise. Seeing these types of things has made me realize the merit of merit of having a keyboard cover. So how does the KB ClearSkin hold up?

It holds up very well. I chose the clear one so that I can see the keys came with my machine, but they have lots of different options of colors to choose from. The cover itself fits like a glove of the keys making typing a breeze. As I have used my cover for the past month plus, I have to wonder to myself why I ever resisted purchasing one in the first place. The amount of dirt and grime that winds up resting on top of the cover makes me wonder what got sucked under it before I ever put a cover on top.

One complaint I hear from people not wanting a keyboard cover is that it makes typing feel unnatural, the keys stick because of them sometimes. Well, I have never encountered this problem with the KB cover. In fact, several of us at the TechHub have used the KB covers and never had an issue with it. I won’t lie and say that you don’t feel it there…you do. It is slight, but it does not impede your typing experience in any way.

In the end, these covers are well worth the $22 investment. Liquid spillage is less likely to find its way under the keyboard with one of these on it. Plus, on the positive side, you don’t have to fear that a family of cats and dust bunnies are living under your keyboard. Do yourself a favor and head over to the UC Davis Bookstore TechHub and pick one of these up for yourself today.


  • Protects against hair, dust, dirt and gunk in general from getting under your keyboard.
  • Light to the touch and very lightweight.
  • Very inexpensive for the protection you receive.


  • No matter how many times you wash your hands, there will still be residue transfer from your fingers to your cover. Look at the bright side though, at least it isn’t getting transferred to your keyboard.