Mike Adams

You have questions, we have answers!

You have questions, we have answers!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Davis. The Fall 2010 quarter is upon us and all the craziness that was rush has died down. Out of that madness, we received a couple of questions that I thought should be answered on the TechTalk blog. So check them out after the break.

Q. What is the difference between laser and optical mice?

A. An optical mouse uses an LED light while a laser mouse uses, well, a laser in order to track movement on surfaces. An optical mouse tracks 400-800 dpi (dots per inch) while a laser mouse can track up to 2,000 dpi (the higher the dpi, the higher the mouse sensitivity). On top of that, laser mice can track movement on almost any surface, while optical mice will have trouble tracking on shiny surfaces.

Q. How many computers can you install Microsoft Office Visio 2010 Standard/Professional on?

A. According to the Microsoft End User License Terms, you are allowed to install this on one desktop and one portable machine.

Q. How do I sync my UC Davis email with my iPhone/iPod Touch?

A. I found a great support article for this through the UC Davis Department of Land, Air and Water Resources website. They give you the lowdown on how to actually do this. Head to to see how.

Q. Can I transfer existing programs from one computer to a new one?

A. On a Mac, this is relatively simple. If it is a brand new Mac, you can just use the migration assistant while setting up a new machine to do this for you. Otherwise, it is still pretty much just drag and drop. Find an external drive (or big enough flash drive), take the folders of the program you want and place on the hard drive, then place on the machine you want it to be on. You might still have to input the activation codes back in (like I had to do on a couple of programs), but at least you don’t have to re-install.

As far as PCs are concerned, it is not so easily done. With Windows, you have things like registries to worry about. So it isn’t easy and it will cost you to do this. Programs such as PC Mover from Laplink will allow you to do this, but for a price.