John Jaworski

Big Sound, Tiny Package

Big Sound, Tiny Package

Recently our store acquired some new product, and one of those items was CP audio’s CHILL PILL. At first, this came across as another little gimmick item that would not live up to its reported abilities, but I could not have been more wrong.

The CHILL PILL is a patent pending speaker system that offers amazing sound and mobility in a package that measures “closed” 1-3/4” h, or “opened” 2-1/2” h with a 2” diameter. The system has a retractable USB cable, used for both charging the device and connecting the 2 speakers together. It also has a retractable mini plug adapter allowing you to plug in your favorite mp3 player, or any device that has a mini audio output. There is also a carrying case included.

I decided to try this product on a whim, and the fact I was bored, to see just how good these sound. I took the speakers out of the package and realized, there is nothing much to them for setup. Other than the 2 retractable cables, there is nothing else needed to get the system started. Plugging into a ZUNE we had displayed on our sales floor, I set the volume to a mid-level and started playing some Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. Amazingly this unit could be heard from long distance in the store, even with background noise going on all around. This really was big sound in a little package. There was no distortion to be heard, and the clarity made it seem the sound was coming from a much bigger speaker. Another feature that made this speaker set great, was the ability to open the item even more to get a more full sounding bass…and it works!

The ease in how these work, the compact size, the great sound, and the color schemes (comes in red, black, blue, purple) make this a great gift for anyone, including the disconcerting teenager. The CHILL PILL is available in the UC Davis Bookstore TechHub for a limited time for $32.99, but will go back to the $49.99 after the Holiday season. If you would like to hear these speakers we will be glad to demo them for you. I believe once you hear them, you will agree they are an amazing product in such a small package.