Mike Adams

You may or may not know that the TechHub has a computer repair center. The reason I bring this up is because I have been noticing a trend of Apple machines being brought to us for help and the icon to the disk drive is nowhere to be found on the desktop. Some folks seemed to have it like that on purpose, but a majority of them seemed baffled at how to bring back that icon. This seems like a growing trend to me, so I figured it was time for a quick “how-to” on the subject. To see “How-To” bring back the disk drive icon in Mac OS X, just read on after the break.

1.) Make sure that you are in finder (which you can tell by seeing “finder” in the upper left hand corner.) Click on “Finder” and then click on “Preferences”.

2.) Make sure you are under the “General” tab (it should be the default one that opens). You will see “Show these items on the desktop:” followed by a list of selections.

3.) Make sure that “Hard Disks” is checked. You should notice immediately that your hard disk icon is back on your desktop (unless your desktop is a clutter of icons…much like mine.) Hope this “How-To” helps you out. If you have any comments or questions, be sure to post them on this topic.