Mike Adams

Why is my iOS in my OS X?

Why is my iOS in my OS X?

One of the biggest changes in the Mac operating system, in regards to the update to Lion, is the new feature Launchpad. With OS X 10.7 Lion, Apple fuses both their robust and incredibly reliable OS X with their insanely popular and easy to use iOS. With Launchpad, you get the instant launch functionality of iOS in the OS X environment, and you are able to navigate it just like you would on your iPhone. It is also customizable, just like on your iPhone, but now you don’t have to do it in your iTunes account (pre-iOS 5). We will show you some tips right after the break.

In order to navigate through the Launchpad, you do it just like you would from your iPhone. Using your touchpad, or your Magic Mouse if you are on an iMac, just cycle through the pages (if you have multiple) by swiping your two fingers side-by-side from left to right…or vice-versa. Then all you have to do is click on the app you want to launch and you are set.

Ways to customize your Launchpad:

  • Rearrange app icons: Click and drag the icon to the new location you choose.
  • Remove app: Click and hold the app icon until it starts to shake. Then release your mouse button and move the cursor to the “X” on the corner of the icon. Click on that and your app will be removed. When done, hit your “Escape” button to stop the icons shaking.
  • Change the page your app is on: If you have multiple pages of apps in the Launchpad, and you want to move one from the back toward the front, all you have to do is click on the icon and hold it. While doing so, just drag the icon to the left (if you are moving from back to front) or to the right (if moving from the front to the back). Then just drop the icon where you would like it to be on that page.
  • Create a folder: Just drag one icon on top of another. It will create the folder you can name.
  • Add an app to a folder: Again, just drag the app to the folder to drop it into.
  • Rearrange apps in a folder: Click on the folder to drop down the apps inside. Then click on your app and move it around inside that folder to where you want it. Then let go.
  • Rename your folder: Click on the folder, then click the name of it. Change to what you would like.
  • Remove an app from the folder: Click on the folder, click and hold on the app. Move it from the folder to the main Launchpad page and drop where you would like it to appear.
  • Add an app to your Dock: Drag the app icon to the dock itself. Should pop in it.