John Jaworski

Tech Used daily by one employee

These items are carried by one TechHub employee on a daily basis. What is not shown though? The camera used to take this photo...

I have been in the technology business for over 20 years now and as my hair has grayed, and I have become less tolerant to change, I realize I am not a great supporter of this “tech” age. With devices such as Kindles, iPhones, iPads, and Android based smartphones; I have yet to find something that makes me say my life will be simplified with these devices.

I started out many years ago working for the “Good Guys”; an electronics retailer of TV’s, home stereos, car audio, and personal electronics. My job started out as a “CSR” which was a customer service representative for that company. I had seen in my first 4 years with that company, how much people started to become more dependent to their electronics. When I moved to sales, I started to use this attitude to electronics, to my benefit. I was a commissioned salesperson, whose sole lively hood was determined on how much I sold, and not whether they needed it, or not. My personal goal of a monthly check let me become the “sales troll” we all avoid at major electronics and retail chains. I wanted more money, and I didn’t care how they (the consumer) were going to pay for it, or if they could really afford it. [Now that I work non-commission at the TechHub though, I don’t have to shove these things down your throat. All I care about is whether you might actually need that electronic gizmo or not…and I use the word might very strongly.] This was my life, and this was what created my current animosity towards today’s “Tech Lifestyle”.

Going to a movie and watching something I paid $9+ and have a bunch of ad placements in it. Not only is it annoying, but they lead me to believe society has moved into an “Orwellian” lifestyle of corporate manipulation of the masses. I am not against Capitalism, in as much as I am against the overt marketing to people who have not learned how to keep a checkbook balanced. I hate watching a movie showing Ben Affleck, or Angelina Jolie pounding away on a Macbook Pro, knowing all too well it is creating a desire for something a lot of people do not need or cannot afford. Product placement has been increasing for many years, and I know it was happening back when I was a kid, but it is so much more of a presence, that I believe movies of the future will just be stories written around a product rather than a character.

Do I use technology myself? The answer is yes. I have a TV, a computer, cordless phone, basically the standard fare. I do own an iPod and, I do listen to it almost daily, but my life will not be destroyed if one of these items might fail. My personal lifestyle has been simplified, do what you can afford, with what you have. As my own electronics fail, I will replace with what I can afford and can adequately do its function. No standing in long lines for a stupid release on a piece of electronics for me, I would rather take a nap.