Mike Adams

Recently, I needed to send an HTML email to a list of graduating seniors here are UC Davis to let them know about some Adobe deals we had. How was I going to do this though? I researched Google and found several different options involving having to use Internet Explorer to “Send page by e-mail”. This was not what I wanted though. I wanted to send it through Outlook. So after even more digging, I finally found the solution and wanted to share it with everyone else. (Hopefully you don’t have to do as much digging as I did to find this page.) Read on after the break.

Sending HTML e-mail in Outlook 2010

First, you need to create your e-mail and save it in an HTML format. In my case I named mine “adobe test.html”.

Send HTML E-Mail in Outlook 2010 002

Open up Outlook 2010 and create a “New E-mail”.

Send HTML E-Mail in Outlook 2012 003

Click on “Attach File”.

Send HTML E-Mail in Outlook 2010 004

Find your .html file (in this case “adobe test.html”). Then, click on the drop down next to “Insert”. Click on that, then scroll down and click on “Insert as Text”.

Send HTML E-Mail in Outlook 2010 005

Your .html file will then be placed into your e-mail as you were intending. Make sure to test out links, etc. before sending to recipients.

All you have to do after that is hit send. But again, make sure to test and tweak your work. Each e-mail provider (from Outlook to Hotmail) offers different interpretations of your HTML e-mail. Certain ones don’t care if you use an image map, but Outlook will not let you use it. Make sure you search around for the latest restrictions on HTML emails with various platforms. If anyone has better ways to accomplish this, please be sure to leave a comment at the bottom. Until next time…

Update for Office 2013

Mike Adams

It has been a very long time since I have updated anything, but I see that this post still gets a LOT of traffic, so I wanted to give a quick update. While the actual program may look different, the steps listed above still work exactly the same for Outlook 2013.